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    Students FAQs

    How much are your finder's fees?

    £120 per person and we you save further as unlike most agents, we don't charge VAT. And you don't pay unless we actually find you a property.

    Why don't you charge VAT?

    Unlike most agents, your deposit cheque is paid directly to your landlord. We don't collect it, bank it then forward it on which would mean we would quickly reach a VAT threshold and have to charge you a further 20% on fees. Instead you pay it direct to your landlord and as a result save the 20% VAT on fees.

    How many properties can I view?

    We'll pick you up in our people carriers and show you as many as you like until you find your ideal home. There's no rush and you won't end up without a property so don't feel pressurised by industry hype to quickly choose something.

    How do I start the process of reserving a property?

    One you have decided on a property, you pay at least the first £120 finder's fee. Then the following day when we meet and issue the contracts and documentation the remaining finders' fees of £120 per person must be paid. Your landlord may have interest from other groups, which means they ask us to collect the deposits, which is usually equivalent to one calendar months rent, and completed documentation within one week.

    What happens if I am about to miss a deadline?

    Inform us immediately if this is likely and we will explain the reasons for the delay to your landlord. In most cases they appreciate the logistics of getting contracts, guarantor forms and documentation from across the country. However if they have other groups wanting the property who are able to complete to their timescales they may go with another group and return any deposit money paid.

    How can I trust the house will be ours and the landlord has received our deposit?

    • Your deposit cheque is made payable to your landlord.
    • By law the landlord must register your deposit.
    • The landlord must then issue you a certificate to confirm which Government approved body your deposit is registered with.

    Will I get a better deal if I go direct to the landlord?


    • We advise our landlords that it is better to have their properties filled 100% of the time at a lower rent than 90% of the time at a higher rent, meaning you get a better deal.
    • In the same way we charge you low fees, we do the same to the landlord too... so letting through us as opposed to another agent means that they have less to pay in fees and so can charge you a more competitive rent.
    • Most landlords are not resourced to conduct viewings and then draft and issue documentation, so going direct can delay matters which may be detrimental if there are other interested parties.
    • The rent we advertise is the best you will receive... but if you feel a discount is genuinely appropriate then tell us. We have a lot more leverage with the landlord than an individual asking who they have never dealt with prior. Due to our working relationship year after year we have earned their trust. However, please bear in mind that if you have looked at other properties and comparatively the property you are considering is at a fair price for what is being offered, don't just ask for discount for the sake of it as if it is a fair rent another group will sign and the deal will be done.

    How do I know the property will be in good condition when I take it over?

    Most of our landlords are established and experienced and appreciate that a happy customer is the number one goal. Additionally, they must have the following certification where applicable:

    • Portable Appliance Testing certificate
    • Gas safe certificate
    • Electrical certificate
    • Energy performance certificates
    • Furniture, bedding and soft furnishings have the correct labels attached
    • HMO Certification

    Does what I see in the property come with the property?

    Always refer to the inventory incase some of the items belong to the existing tenants. Linen, cutlery & crockery is not included.

    Is contents insurance provided?

    The landlord provides building insurance only, you must take out your own contents insurance.

    How long are contracts for?

    They are usually twelve-month fixed contracts running summer to summer, usually 1st July to 30th June but there are occasional variations. They are all joint and several meaning that if one person drops out, the remaining group is responsible for finding a replacement or paying the shortfall.

    Are all rooms the same price?

    The landlord charges a fixed rate for the property, however you can pay more for larger rooms and less for smaller rooms or just pull straws, it's your choice. However, you must make just a single group payment to the landlord from a house bank account or the account of a nominated housemate.

    How and when are rents paid?

    It depends on the particular landlord but most are 12 monthly payments by group standing order. Some request 10 or 8 payments over the year and others request predated group cheques, quarterly, thirdly or on grant dates.

    Is my deposit my first month's rent?

    No, you must still pay your 1st month's rent in advance in addition to your deposit before you move into the property as per your contract.

    Who should we call for matters such as maintenance and repairs, check-ins / check-outs and rent collections?

    Once we have completed your sign-up our job is finished and then communicate directly with your landlord. Their contact details are on your contract and deposit certificate. Please note before a landlord will handover the keys, they will require all of the documentation completed and all of the rent for the property in cleared funds showing in their account.

    Are there any extras to pay for?

    You have to pay for all your utilities, with the exception of council tax, if everyone in the household remains in full time education. The price of these utility bills varies depending on your usage but you can get a good idea from a Google search.

    When can I call you?

    We value your custom and appreciate it is no longer a 9-5 world. We welcome texts and calls outside of office hours.