Why use Jesmond Student Houses to fill your student properties?

Your properties are competing with thousands of other landlords and agents in a market that has become saturated so you must maximise your opportunity to get your propeties seen and filled. Working on a No Let - No Fee basis means we are doing all the work giving your properties maximum exposure and tenant viewings and only get paid if we are successful at finding a suitable group... and we don't mind multiple agency and if you already have a managing agent we are happy to complement them with the tenant find and leaving the management to them... we simply want to fill your property.

Competitive Fixed Tenant Finding Fees

£250 - 1 to 4 bed properties
£450 - 5 to 8 bed properties

We are not vat registered so you save a further 20%

We don't mind if you want to multi agent, all we ask is for a set of keys and to erect a To Let board if this is suitable and as we don't manage properties we don't have others to fill before yours.

Landlords FAQs

What does your tenant finding service consist of?

  • Market appraisal
  • Marketing and advertising on all major portals
  • Arrange and accompany viewings
  • Obtain Guarantor forms & tenant particular forms
  • Collect and forward on the security deposit
  • Prepare any relevant pre-tenancy Housing Act 1996 Notices applicable only prior to the commencement of the tenancy
  • Draft AST
  • No Let - No Fee

How much are your finder's fees?

£250 - 1 - 4 bed properties
£450 - 5 - 8 bed properties

Why do you not charge VAT?

Unlike most agents, the tenants deposit is paid directly to the landlord. We don't collect it, bank it then forward it on. You save 20% on top of our already low fees.

Will you erect a To Let board?

Yes, this is part of the service and we recommend this as a lot of tenants walk around Jesmond compiling lists of properties to view.

Do I need to provide contents insurance?

You should consider providing contents insurance should your tenants fail to have theirs in place. In addition you should ensure your policy includes landlord's public liability insurance

How long are contracts for?

Student contracts are usually twelve months unless agreed otherwise. Group contracts are joint and several meaning if one person drops out, the remaining group is responsible for finding a replacement or paying the shortfall.

How and when are rents paid?

As you prefer, typically it's monthly in advance by standing order and the tenant is instructed to set this up with their own online banking. Sometimes it's 10 or 8 standing orders over a twelve month period. It can be by cheque quarterly, thirdly or on grant dates, whatever you prefer.

Is the tenants deposit their first month's rent?

No, they must still pay your rent in advance as per the contract in addition to their deposit which you must register in a government approved scheme.

Is there any compliance that must be obtained prior to you letting my property?

Absolutely, you must have the following up to date certificates.

  • Portable Appliance Testing certificate
  • Gas safe certificate
  • Electrical certificate
  • Energy performance certificates
  • Furniture, bedding and soft furnishings have the correct labels attached

And where applicable your property must be licensed as an HMO.

If you are unsure of your legal obligations as a landlord the local council will advise you of what is required.

We feel it is best to seek the council's opinion directly as they ultimately interpret the law and decide on a local basis what they will and will not accept.

What utilities is the tenant responsible for?

Typically, the tenants are responsible for all utilities and the bills should be in their names. They are exempt from council tax as long as all tenants remain in full time education.

What contracts and paperwork do you use?

We use standard Assured Shorthold Tenancies. We are happy to provide you with copies to read over and ask that if you would like anything added you simply tell us at the outset before the documentation is given to the tenants to sign. It is imperative that you read all documentation and satisfy yourself that you are completely happy with it before signing.

Can I multi-Agent?

Yes you can and you can also use us to provide the tenant finding even if you have a letting agent that is managing the property for you. There is no logic in not getting your properties maximum exposure and filled quickly with the best groups.

Will you provide my tenants with at least 24 hours notice?

Yes, we hand deliver a letter through their doors stating that we will be conducting afternoon viewings Mondays to Saturdays over the season until the property is filled and ask they help us to help them by keeping the property tidy during this period to help get it filled quickly and therefore put an end to the viewings.

When can I call you?

We value your custom and appreciate it is no longer a 9-5 world. We welcome texts and calls outside of office hours.